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Reports of the death of Twitter have so far been somewhat exaggerated. Musk may have made dumb decision after dumb decision, but each time either did a rapid U-turn shortly afterwards, or the sheer momentum of Twitter as the default social media app has carried it through. But this time, Musk has not only achieved Michael Scott levels of ineptitude, but Meta has brought forward the launch of its Twitter rival Threads in order to take advantage of the chaos … more… The post The death of Twitter: Is it real this time, thanks to Threads? appeared first on 9to5Mac.
When your business model is selling eyeballs to advertisers, it’s hard to imagine anything dumber than blocking access to your own site and telling users to go outside instead, yet somehow Twitter rate limits are a real thing. But analysis suggests that this may be even dumber than we thought, as it appears to be a Twitter bug which created the ’emergency’ which saw the rate limits introduced in the first place … more… The post Twitter rate limits even dumber than we thought; Reddit winning continues appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Apple is introducing several new safety-focused features in iOS 17, including new measures to keep you safe when you're traveling and to prevent you from seeing images you don't want to see. This guide highlights all of the safety functions that Apple added to ‌iOS 17‌, and it accompanies our iOS 17 privacy and security guide. Sensitive Content Warnings With Sensitive Content Warnings, incoming files, videos, and images are scanned on-device and blocked if they contain nudity. It is a function that will put a stop to unsolicited nude photos and similar content. The opt-in blurring can be applied to images in Messages, AirDrop, Contact Posters for the Phone app, FaceTime messages, and third-party apps. This is separate from the…
With the iPhone 14 last fall, Apple unveiled its new Emergency SOS via satellite feature that allows users to contact emergency services and send short text messages without a cellular connection. Apple is working with Globalstar on its satellite technology, and in a new FCC filing, Globalstar hints at an expansion of iPhone satellite features. more… The post Apple partner hints at potential satellite internet features for iPhone appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Twitter is testing new ways to kneecap itself this week while simultaneously attempting the pull off the classic pivot to video meme. This is apparently an emergency measure… more… The post Twitter makes tweets super secret and inconvenient if you log out as ’emergency measure’ appeared first on 9to5Mac.
While the iPhone 15 Pro has yet to launch, several new features have already been rumored. Following our iPhone 12 Pro vs. iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro vs. iPhone 15 Pro comparisons, we have now put together a version for the iPhone 11 Pro. While year-over-year iPhone upgrades are not always significant, new features begin to stack up over multiple generations. For this reason, the iPhone 15 Pro will be a notable upgrade for those who still have a four-year-old iPhone 11 Pro. The list below includes major iPhone changes introduced since 2019, as well as new features rumored for iPhone 15 Pro models. iPhone 11 Pro vs. iPhone 15 ProA17 chip vs. A13 chip: The 5nm-based A16…

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