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Macworld We can fight for free internet all we want, but it won’t really be true as long as mobile data plans remain unaffordable. Luckily, Instabridge eSIM is doing something about that. They give users a wide range of options that fit any budget, even one that pays for itself through ad views. And now, one of their most attractive lifetime plans is available for United States customers for the best price anywhere on the web thanks to Deal Days. This sitewide sale beats Prime Day to the punch with savings on software and services, and Instabridge is one of the hottest tickets for those whose internet use has outgrown their budget. With Instabridge, you can install your eSIM on…
UGH. We’ve been tracking the negative effect that Reddit’s decision to begin charging for access to its API has had on third-party clients including Apollo. Now the developer of the awesome iPhone and iPad app has announced that API change is forcing Apollo to go offline completely. more… The post Apollo shutting down due to Reddit’s unaffordable API appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Reddit is going dark in protest at Reddit’s new API pricing, after third-party app Apollo was faced with an unaffordable bill of $20M per year. Dozens of the biggest subreddits plan to go private for two days, with hundreds of others joining in. In other app news, Elon Musk’s claim that Twitter advertisers have returned appears to be misleading … more… The post Reddit going dark in protest at API pricing; Apple cut Twitter ad spend appeared first on 9to5Mac.
Twitter emergency alerts were one of the casualties of the company starting to charge for the API access that allows automatic tweeting. Many public services and transport companies were facing unaffordable bills to continue to use the service. Twitter has now announced a partial U-turn on this, though details remain unclear … more… The post Twitter emergency alerts U-turn; Musk threatens NPR appeared first on 9to5Mac.

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