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The ever-popular iMac, Apple's iconic desktop computer, has been due for an update for some time now. While it remains a capable machine, its design language lags behind other Apple

The ever-popular iMac, Apple’s iconic desktop computer, has been due for an update for some time now. While it remains a capable machine, its design language lags behind other Apple products, and its internal hardware could benefit from a refresh. Rumors and speculation swirl around a potential 2024 iMac refresh, and here’s what we might see:


  • Design: The current iMac design, with its thick bezels and aluminum chin, feels dated compared to the sleek, edge-to-edge displays of the iPad Pro and MacBook lines. A redesign could incorporate thinner bezels, a flat-edged chassis similar to the iPhone/iPad, and potentially even different color options.
  • Connectivity: Replacing the aging USB-A ports with Thunderbolt 4 ports would ensure faster data transfer and expand peripheral compatibility. An SD card reader would be a welcome addition for photographers and videographers.

Performance boost:

  • Processor: The current iMac utilizes Intel processors. Apple’s own M1 and M2 chips have revolutionized performance and power efficiency in MacBooks, and it’s almost certain that the next iMac will adopt this powerful silicon. This could translate to significant speed improvements, longer battery life for the rumored iMac Pro, and better handling of demanding tasks like video editing and 3D rendering.
  • Graphics: Upgrading the graphics card options, especially for the higher-end models, would cater to creative professionals who rely on graphics-intensive workflows. Apple’s rumored M3 chip might also integrate improved graphics capabilities.

Potential redesign:

  • Modular design: While unlikely, some rumors suggest a more modular iMac, allowing users to upgrade components like RAM and storage in the future. This would be a significant departure from Apple’s usual integrated approach but could appeal to power users who value upgradability.
  • Touchscreen: The inclusion of a touchscreen, similar to the Surface Studio, is a long-shot but intriguing possibility. It could offer new input methods for creative professionals and designers, although it might not align with Apple’s current design philosophy.

What to expect:

It’s difficult to predict exactly when and how Apple will refresh the iMac. However, given the increasing age of the current model and the company’s focus on modern design and powerful M-series chips, an update seems inevitable. We can expect a sleeker, more modern design, a significant performance boost thanks to Apple silicon, and potentially some additional features like improved connectivity and Thunderbolt 4 ports. While a modular design or touchscreen remain more speculative, they highlight the possibilities for an even more versatile and user-friendly iMac.

Stay tuned, as Apple is known for keeping its announcements under wraps until the last minute. But one thing is for sure: the next iMac has the potential to be a game-changer, offering a blend of stunning design, exceptional performance, and innovative features that will continue to inspire and empower creators around the world.


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