Astropad today announced a major update for the Astropad Studio app, introducing new features that work with the Apple Pencil Pro that Apple launched earlier this year. Astropad Studio is
Astropad today announced a major update for the Astropad Studio app, introducing new features that work with the Apple Pencil Pro that Apple launched earlier this year. Astropad Studio is designed to turn the iPad into a drawing tablet that can be used with PC and Mac creative apps.

The 5.4 version of Astropad Studio supports Squeeze Gesture Shortcuts, so you can set custom shortcuts to swap between your preferred tools using the Squeeze feature on the ‌Apple Pencil‌ Pro.
It also adds support for barrel rotation, which takes advantage of the gyroscope that Apple added to the ‌Apple Pencil‌.

Turning and twirling the ‌Apple Pencil‌ Pro when using Astropad precisely rotates the brush while drawing, and as of now, Astropad Studio is the only drawing tablet option that supports barrel roll rotation.

Along with these features, there is a new Adaptive Image Rendering video compression algorithm that provides 53 percent clearer image quality during high-motion content like rotating an object in blender or previewing animations. Astropad says that Astropad Studio now has a feature set that puts it on par with the Wacom Cintiq drawing tablets.

A one-year Astropad license is available for $60, while a lifetime license is priced at $120. These are sale prices that can be obtained by entering the promo code SUMMER24 at checkout on the Astropad website.
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